About Me


Hi. I’m Gary.
I’d like to thank you for taking the time to have a look at some of my work.

From developing black and white film with my grandad as a child to my time in a large commercial studio, photography has always fascinated me. Being able to earn a living from it is a bonus.

In 2000 I began working at a photography studio as an image retoucher. Then one day the models arrived and the photographers didn’t, so I took the photos. The client liked what he saw and what had been my passion quickly became my profession.  Since then I have worked in fashion, wedding, portrait, corporate and commercial photography. I have worked for some of the largest retail companies in Australia and my photos have been on the covers of various magazines.

Photos are made to be looked at, laughed about and reminisced over. I want to give you photos that make you smile, that make you remember everything great about that day. My photography style isn’t rigid, I want you to have fun, I want to show off your personality as well as your outfit.

If you like the photos I have online and you think that my style of photography suits you please give me a call or email me, I would love to hear from you.